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SunnySide Window Cleaning
SunnySide Window Cleaning
Window Cleaning Pricing
1. Clean windows outside only
2.Clean windows Inside and Outside and Cill
3.Clean windows Inside and Outside and clean screen

Types of Windows 

1.Most common in New England Storm style windows ( When the winter comes you unlock the window and reach in to slide down a glass panel, Or the panel of glass is under metal tabs screwed to outside of window  

($20 a window) ( Boston $25)

2.New Replacement Window (tilt in wash or  non-tilt in wash  NO STORM WINDOW)  

( $12 a window) ( Boston $18)

3.Interior Storm glass panel held in by metal clips ( Pella, old Anderson, ) 

( $15 a window

* Minimum is $200 on all jobs

* Scraping paint of windows is an added charge 

20% off any written quote form another window cleaning company .   ( Must have written Quote on  arrival)

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